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Bits is the abbreviation for building integrated timing supply equipment, and provides external clock for communication ...
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GPS timing meter is widely used in shooting range, weapon system, hospital, electric power, finance and other industries...
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Synchronization Card of High Precision Hardware Clock for Computer, Industrial Computer and other Operating Systems by PCIe Bus
The performance of enterprise gigabit network time server is comparable to that of the most advanced clock server abroad.
Simulate the navigation signal of GPS satellite navigation and positioning system, support the output of radio frequency simulation signal of GPS L1 frequency point
High quality clock equipment recommendation
Customers are all over the country, including some foreign countries and regions.
It is a national high-tech enterprise with core technology of time and frequency.
More than 50 kinds of clock equipment are developed and manufactured
Our factory was established in 2012 with registered capital of 10 million yuan, and has been focusing on clock industry for 7 years.
What kind of unit are we?
Global Leading Time-Frequency Synchronization System Supplier
How about our R&D strength?
2.R&D Number
More than 20 R&D personnel with clock hardware and software
1.Working hours
Some technical engineers in our factory have been engaged in time-frequency industry for decades
3.R&D area
It has a research and development area of 660 square meters through the certification of national high-tech enterprises.   
Including NTP server, GPS clock, parent clock, timing module, time board and timing system, etc.
   With dozens of national patents, it is impossible for a manufacturer who has not mastered the core technology to sell such core components as timing module and timing card.
5.Independent intellectual property rights
Our company has great advantages in quality management, cost control, technology accumulation and production matching, and uses Internet thinking to manage all aspects of product development, production and sales, which makes the sales volume of conventional products extremely low and optimizes the cost-performance ratio of products to the extreme.
Quality advantage
Our factory strictly implements ISO 9001:2015 quality system requirements, and actively strives for the national military standard quality system certification.
Cost advantage
Our factory is located in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, with a large number of scientific and technological personnel. Compared with the salaries and rents of first-tier cities, our factory has a greater advantage.
Technical Advantage
Master the core technology of time and frequency, have more than 20 clock software and hardware engineers
Production Advantage
The Production Department of our factory is equipped with an automatic clock production line, which fully meets the needs of mass production of all kinds of fashion equipment.
What are our advantages?

What industry background does your company have?
Our business team is a technical engineer who has been engaged in time-frequency product research and development for decades. It provides out-of-date equipment for military industrial units of major research institutes and works closely with relevant time-service and measurement units.
What is the research and development cycle of custom clock equipment in your factory?
Customized clock equipment cycle is generally related to the degree of difficulty, short for three or five days, long for four to six weeks, standard products are generally available in stock.
Specific success stories can refer to the success stories of the company's official website. Some cooperative customers can refer to the customer presentation section in the company's profile, or they can ask for more success stories from sales.

What are your successful cases?

Industry Background, R&D Cycle and Successful Cases
How does your factory protect the rights and interests of consumers?
The payment can be entered into Alibaba account first, and after receiving the goods, the payment will be made to the public, then the payment will be returned, and then the invoice will be invoiced.
What offices or branches does your factory have in the country?
Our factory adopts factory direct selling, reduces intermediate links and maximizes users'Internet thinking, so there are no branches and offices in the country.
How to deal with your products after sale?
At the beginning of product design, our factory took into account the design concept of fool operation, which is equipped with detailed instructions and operation video, or telephone or video guidance operation. If equipment fails, it will directly replace or provide spare parts (whole machine or module). Therefore, for the vast number of users, it is not necessary to consider the geographical location. Only need to consider whether the product is reliable and stable, and whether the performance-price ratio is optimal.
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